Arduino sound visualizer: Update #2

I have been working this for a while now and have an early version to show here: This image shows the LED setup screen, Here you click the white cells in order from the origin LED to your end LED as they are on your monitor. If you dot have a monitor setup other styles […]

A bunch of my old maps and mods

I recently found a bunch of my old mods and maps for games like Just cause 2 and Farcry., all from over 4 years ago Just Cause 2:–nike/ Farcry 1:;91193 Farcry 2:;103327;103231;95379;95243;103757

Unity: Android intergration into an existing game

For the last few weeks i have been working on integrating android into a game for a project I am working on, For the idea of expanding game play. My project is a 1v1 multiplayer idea at the moment, Implementing the android integration allowed me to expand that to 2v2 by allowing one user to […]

Arudino sound visualizer update

As its been 2 months since my EST release date with no word, Here is an update. The reason for the non release is due to my total rework of the code, I’m currently in the process of stripping down Arduino side code to the bare minimum and have been creating a windows application that […]

Unity: c# .ini parser big update

Previous post: Github: In this version i have added the ability to have sections and have also updated the ini formatting. With sections you can also use multiple keys with the same name as long as they are in different sections. The usage is pretty much the same as the previous with a […]

Unity: .ini file parser script (c#)

I have created a .ini file parser for unity, This script enables you to easily create, edit and delete .ini files while being able to fetch and change values stored in them. ini files are mainly used to store settings, such as a games graphics settings, but can easily be used for anything else as […]

Cry Engine project: A few images

Just thought I would show a few images of the development so far, These are early shots taken from an alley scene in the project so textures are not implemented yet and models are not 100% completed. These are some references I used: Tall Building, Short building, Fire Escape, Dumpsters,