Cry Engine project: A few images

Just thought I would show a few images of the development so far, These are early shots taken from an alley scene in the project so textures are not implemented yet and models are not 100% completed. These are some references I used: Tall Building, Short building, Fire Escape, Dumpsters,

Helicopter Game: Missile locking

This may seem like a simple thing to anyone who uses unity, But this was one of the more challenging things to make and look realistic so they turn at a realistic pace and have a chance to miss.   First you many would say use the built in “transform.lookAt()” function but this meant the […]

Helicopter Game: Making a Missile like targeting system

I wanted to make a missile locking/Targeting system, Like you would find in the Arma series. When targeted a icon appears on the GUI, Locking is based on range and if there is nothing blocking view, such as terrain.   The GUI icon is pretty simple: This is created with a quite simple piece of […]

Unity 3D: iTween animation

I was tasked to use iTween for Unity to create helicopter movement and rotor movement.   After looking through the iTween documentation which can be found here, I created a new scene and placed down a provided helicopter model and a camera, I then started to work on the script for the movement. After going […]

Launch of new blog and portfolio site design

I have recently updated all areas of my sites and blog, This blog is now using a new theme “Decode” by Scott Smith that I thought was a nice clean design with many customizable features.   My main site has now been updated to a portfolio site using a design by myself. The site is […]

Rainmeter – Android jelly bean skin update

I came across an old update that I forgot to release… Woops, So i’ve now fixed it up and decided to release it now. This version adds more subscription options to the youtube widget allowing 4 subscriptions to show. Fixed all mouse actions to allow you to drag skins without opening the link first, and […]

RainMeter – Qwertee desktop viewer

My new Rainmeter skin is a desktop Qwertee viewer, You can view Today’s t-shirt and last chance t-shirt as-well has having quick links to the sites many areas. This skin features 3 styles: left: Top: right: The t-shirt views have model change just like the website and also product and designer information […]

3D Game – Week Six: new main menu and Alot more

This week there is allot of upgrades and additions: New Main menu Opening Scene (Closed captions due to no audio for it yet) work done on the back and playable side of the map end screen More sound work Script fixes console fixes There is no live stream this week due to bugs, But another […]