Helicopter Game: Missile locking

This may seem like a simple thing to anyone who uses unity, But this was one of the more challenging things to make and look realistic so they turn at a realistic pace and have a chance to miss.   First you many would say use the built in “transform.lookAt()” function but this meant the […]

Helicopter Game: Making a Missile like targeting system

I wanted to make a missile locking/Targeting system, Like you would find in the Arma series. When targeted a icon appears on the GUI, Locking is based on range and if there is nothing blocking view, such as terrain.   The GUI icon is pretty simple: This is created with a quite simple piece of […]

Unity 3D: iTween animation

I was tasked to use iTween for Unity to create helicopter movement and rotor movement.   After looking through the iTween documentation which can be found here, I created a new scene and placed down a provided helicopter model and a camera, I then started to work on the script for the movement. After going […]