RainMeter – Qwertee desktop viewer

My new Rainmeter skin is a desktop Qwertee viewer, You can view Today’s t-shirt and last chance t-shirt as-well has having quick links to the sites many areas.

This skin features 3 styles:

left: http://www.kennyist.com/rainmeter/bigl.png
Top: http://www.kennyist.com/rainmeter/bigt.png
right: http://www.kennyist.com/rainmeter/bigr.png

The t-shirt views have model change just like the website and also product and designer information is displayed as-well. Also includes currency change buttons, Images:

closed: http://www.kennyist.com/rainmeter/Closed.png
Today’s Tee: http://www.kennyist.com/rainmeter/today.png
Last Chance Tee: http://www.kennyist.com/rainmeter/lastchance.png
Qwertee quick links: http://www.kennyist.com/rainmeter/qwerteelinks.png

Quick video of the styles and features:


This requires Rainmeter version 2.4 or over, to be installed: http://rainmeter.net/cms/


RainMeter - Qwertee Desktop Viewer
Qwertee Desktop Viewer_1.0.rmskin
Version: 1.0
845.2 KiB

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