Rainmeter – Android jelly bean skin update

I came across an old update that I forgot to release… Woops, So i’ve now fixed it up and decided to release it now. This version adds more subscription options to the youtube widget allowing 4 subscriptions to show. Fixed all mouse actions to allow you to drag skins without opening the link first, and added a new media player widget.

New features:

Media player widget,
Ability to allow up to 4 subscription views on the youtube widget (Can be easily disabled as-well)



How to:

To change the subscriptions, your media player settings (This must be done), and other settings you have to open Variables file, found in “Documents\Rainmeter\Skins\Andriod\” , In note pad or any other text editor. There are instructions inside that file.


Android Jelly Bean Beta
Android Jelly Bean_0.1.5.1.rmskin
2.1 MiB

Old version:

Android Nexus Theme BETA
Android Nexus Theme_0.1 Beta.rmskin
Version: 0.1
1.9 MiB

Any problems?

Just use the contact form above or you can reach me via steam.

PS. If there is a demand for more subscription buttons, Just ask and I will deliver.

36 thoughts on “Rainmeter – Android jelly bean skin update

  1. love it son not like lol i’ve been going thr alot of youtube for rainmeter but none was to my taste i even express suggestion like this and none really have done it like you have, the closest was a list of the channel with the youtube search bar i was using that for awhile until i find yours lol which is exactly what i wanted.

  2. i have a question for you..do you know of any widget are rainmeter widget that has animated bass speaker that moves to the riddim of what your playing?

  3. sorry for the late respond…but thanks what about a widget that do it like boombox spectrum of some sort?

        1. i notice when he press play the speakers move, but when he stop the media player the speaker stop moving? what you think even if its not playing with the music you know of anything that works like how his works?

          1. I don’t know any other skins that do that, but its not hard to do. Like on my media player skin, the play pause button changes when the media stops, Just having the same Call back function for the background.

  4. hey whats up men…i just realize something about the youtube widget…i cant actually click on whichever video i wanna watch…when i click on it nothing happen any idea are suggestions?

  5. ye i just checked ur older version and once u click on the thumbnail it launch the browser, but this new one with the 4 channels none of the thumbnails launch the browser.

  6. hey so are you working on anything else..maybe a media player are anything else awesome like what u did with this skin?

    1. Just making my main website at the moment, don’t really have time for rain meter. Also don’t really have any ideas for skins anyway.

  7. also i have a request…i found a media player that would work the way i was talking about meanin the boombox effect..but it was built mostly in mind for winamp and itunes could u guide me on how to make it work for media player?…http://browse.deviantart.com/art/PRAGMATIC-Final-Release-199240434 thats the link for the skin…however one of the guys on the thread was explaining about what you can do to make it work, however the link for a particular file is no longer on mediafire. so any other suggestions…are any other music type skin with similar effect suggestion:d. thanks

    1. It would take a bit of work to get it to work for any media player, but i don’t really have the time. And i don’t know of any other ones like it.

  8. hey whats up son, was giving u a hail…by any chance have u every consider making a google search bar with the mic icon like whats in the android jelly bean? it just came at me seeing u did such a great job with the youtube app i figure u would do a great job with the search bar with voice search:d

    1. I did think of doing that, but unfortunately there are no voice recognition plugins available for Rainmeter and my Coding skills are not exactly good enough to do that :/ .

  9. i have downloaded other android themes, i notice the ones with the mic for the google search is connected to the Microsoft speech recognition software interesting way of doing it..darn they need to make some cool gadget like that for desktop man lol.

    1. Hmm, have never seen that myself, might look into it. And I’m not a chrome user so never used it / heard of it.

  10. hey have u tried the new google search on google chrome btw? they say it suppose to have a nice voice activator, when you say “ok google” it should start listening to search for what you want but that feature doesn’t work for me. I have to use the mic icon…do you have better luck?

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