Download links to my old rainmeter skins.

Here are links to my old skins.

Assassins creed theme addons
Assassins creed theme addons
AC meder - Skin
Version: 1.0
10.1 MiB

Info here:

Alan Wake Theme v1.1
Alan Wake Theme v1.1
Version: v1.1
3.9 MiB

info here:

Steam Gifts RM skin
Steam Gifts RM skin
SteamGifts v3_v3.rmskin
Version: 3.1
610.3 KiB

5 thoughts on “Download links to my old rainmeter skins.

  1. Your Steam Gifts Rainmeter skin does not display the featured giveaway image. It only displays the blue background. I didn’t find the error looking through your code, can you look it up please? Thank you.

    1. Hi, I have taken a look at fixed the problem. CG changed how the site loads the image, The new version is the same link as before.

      1. Hahhaa shit, when I was about to tell you that I have fixed the problem, you found it too! Well, guess I need to edit it now to have 6 displaying giveaways aside from the Featured instead of 4. Thanks anyways for being so quick answering and fixing it!

        1. No problem. That edit shouldn’t be hard at all, Just need to add Two more #GET#’s to the “MeasureFeatured” and then double the displaying meters for them. Only thing then is to change the background .png .

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