3d Game – Week one: Concept

I am now making a full 3D game in Unity, The plan so far is a play on Alan Wake and Dear Esther using story as the main drive with a bit of horror set in the pacific north west using no weapons and little usable items. First map layout plan:

RainMeter – Steam group viewer

I have made a steam group viewer for Rain-meter, This works with any group as long as they have the minimum of: 5 Comments 2 announcements 4 discussions Due to how rain-meter gets the information from the page. This skin displays Announcements, discussions, group info and comments from the group in a compact easy to […]

MineCraft – point/signal visualiser

Note: This is in Feed The beast mod, Requires ComputerCraft and RailCraft mods. I have coded a signal and point visualizer for Advanced computers in Computer craft to display what state points and signals are on a line. I made this for a automated system me and someone else is trying to do on a […]

Virus game week 8 – New HuD, Kongregate API and more

This week due to Assignments and tests i hav’nt been able to do much, This weeks updates include: New HuD design, End screen with high scores, Kongregate API for scores, Respawning AI, Ammo pickups, new ways to fail, Bigger map, A bug that caused Bouncing ammo but kept due to people liking it. I have […]

Android Jelly Bean Skin (BETA) for rainmeter

This is an outdated version! New version can be found here http://blog.kennyist.com/?p=730 Just released a beta version of my Android Jelly Bean skin for rainmeter. This skin is a remake of the Jelly bean GUI for windows, This skin features the Task bar with: Battery Monitor / stats Wifi monitor / stats Hard drive monitor […]